Obama, Amazon CEO & Bill Gates’s Accounts Were Hacked!
10 Youtubers Who Make Over $1Million A Month
7 Most Expensive NFTs Bought by Celebrities


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Warning! Health concerns from the 5g technology

With the technological revolution at its brink and new concepts taking birth, we are at the golden age of science and technology. 5G technology is

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Crypto & NFTs

5 Biggest NFT Scams of All Time

Non-fungible Tokens, popularly known as NFTs, came into the mainstream market in 2021. Crypto nerds are paying millions of dollars in cryptocurrency just to own

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Solar & Hybrid

Check Out These Top 10 Self Driving Cars

Compared to a few years ago, the idea of owning a self driving car is not so far from reality anymore. Self driving cars are

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Online Education

10 Most Common Online Degrees

If you are seeking an upgrade to your education this year, you may be wondering more about the top degrees you can get online. If

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5 Reasons Why Solar Energy will dominate the future

Solar energy represents one of the most promising types of energy generation that we utilize today. Understanding future energy sources and where our energy will

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Cyber security

Once And For All: Is Zoom Safe to Use?

The dramatic increase in the number of Zoom users has been noticeable during the last months. In fact, just in 3 months, the number of

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10 Youtubers Who Make Over $1Million A Month

A decade ago, if you had said to someone that someday you could make over a million dollars a month on YouTube, they would’ve most