5 Biggest NFT Scams of All Time

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The same thing happens with various pop-ups on telegrams. It’s therefore prudent to keep your private information a secret. You can also create backup hardware for your crypto wallet. Don’t give any personal information to the MetaMask pop-ups.

What to Check before Buying NFT

You can’t shy away from big NFTs opportunities because of scammers. There are here to stay. What you’ll do is positioned yourself to avoid such scenarios. A good way of doing this is conducting research. As they say, knowledge is power!

NFTs Unique Property 

Different NFTs have different avatar properties. Its rarity can tell how valuable it is and tell you if it’s legitimate. You can upload a copy of an NFT image but can’t replicate the property. Therefore checking the properties of an NFT is crucial.

Seller Verification 

Platforms like OpenSea have seller verification. You will see a blue tick close to the name of a verified account. This means the person is not an impersonator and can be trusted. This shouldn’t be the only thing you cross-check. Look if they have a decent following and the property of the NFT before transacting.

5 Biggest NFT Scams of All Time 1

Bottom Line!

The proper knowledge will let you free from scammers. Knowing the liquidity of NFTs will help you make the right decision of buying or selling the NFTs. Just like any other high-risk transaction, you should be ready to lose it all. If not, then don’t invest in it.

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