7 Must Do Steps to prevent Intruder Hackers access your home security Cameras

7 Must Do Steps to prevent Intruder Hackers access your home security Cameras

To prevent this, put your security cameras on a network of their own. A separate network will ensure that even if the main network is accessed, nobody but you will have access to your security cameras.

6. Check Your Camera Logs.

Many home security systems and cameras allow its users to check the camera logs. This is an easy way to know if someone else has access to your cameras.

Your camera logs will show you when someone accesses your home security cameras and sometimes even the IP address from where it was accessed. If you find a suspicious log and an IP address you are not familiar with you must change your access credentials immediately and notify the right authorities if possible.

7. Secure your mobile phone

Since many home security systems are controlled through mobile apps, keeping your smartphone secure is a crucial step to improve your home’s security. Not having a password on your cellphone is enough to allow anyone to access your information.

To avoid this from happening you must always have your cell phone protected using a password or whatever method you feel comfortable with. Avoid misplacing it and install a tracking app to find it if you do.

No system is perfect, but using the 7 steps provided will provide you with multiple layers of protection, making it practically impossible for a hacker to gain control.
The chances of being a victim of a home camera hack are actually quite small. Just following the most simple safety precaution can go a long way. Since even the most basic encryption methods are basically unbreakable, a good password and an updated firmware increase your security exponentially.

However, you can always take it a step further. Besides the 7 provided steps you can also set up a VPN to restrict devices from accessing your network and log your network’s activity to constantly keep an eye on what’s going on.


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