Are your images safe? Can anyone download your pictures from your private cloud?

Hacker next to a computer

If you are going to be using cloud storage you should consider following some of these top tips in choosing a provider:

        Find a company that has an excellent reputation: A company that has an excellent reputation of network security, as well as physical security for their server space, is an important first step.

        Cloud storage with multiple redundancies: A club storage provider that keeps multiple copies of your data to ensure that if there is a server failure, your data will remain whole.

        Learn how long it takes to delete files from redundant servers: If you would like to eliminate files from your cloud storage, you may want to learn how long it takes to delete a file across the servers. There are some cloud storage companies that never completely delete files from their banked servers and this could give hackers the chance to access them long after you may have even closed your account.

Ultimately if you keep the focus on security and regularly change your password, you can find a cloud service provider that will help keep your data safe. Be sure to read through the terms of service thoroughly on how your photos will be used and when in doubt, consider storing your data privately offline if you are extremely serious about keeping your photos secure. 



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