12 Celebrities you Didn’t Know have an Online MBA or Online Bachelor’s Degree

Think of the famous faces and celebrities that we see on the big and small screen every day, the movie and television stars who fill the pages of glossy film magazines. Celebrities are hard-working people. They not only spend their days working on film sets or recording studios, but they also have to attend conferences, photoshoots, premieres, and other high glamor events. With everything on their plate, it may seem like a distant dream to get an education. Nonetheless, several celebrities have been able to earn their accredited degrees from different universities whereas some took advantage of the online classes.

Let’s have a look at these famous celebrities having an accredited degree or online MBA degree or online bachelor’s degree

Shaquille O’Neal

Many students go to school to participate in sports due to their passion, and if they end up making it big, they never really continue their education. The four-time NBA champion, however, returned and in 2012 received his doctorate from Barry University in Miami. He wrote a paper on the value of human leadership. The reason he did that has shown how good he is with family and proved himself by having an accredited degree.

Brian May

It is a well-known fact that the members of Queen’s legendary band were well educated. Roger Taylor attended dentistry school and John Deacon was an electrical engineer before Queen took off. Nevertheless, Brian May, the guitarist of the band, holds the most remarkable degree among the members of the band, a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Though May began earning his accredited degree in the 1970s, due to the height of Queen’s popularity he did not complete it until 2006. He sometimes works for Imperial College London as a visiting researcher, where he completed his diploma.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, best known as Desperate Housewife, is perhaps a little more educated than the characters she portrays in movies. She got admission and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology which is quite a unique subject. It’s actually the study of bodies, and how the body parts move.


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