How To Make a $100k Salary with only a short studying period? These IT certification courses are for you!

How To Make a $100k Salary with only a short studying period_ These IT certification courses are for you

If you are considering some certifications to take on this year, here are some of the best options that you should try for while you are trying to upgrade your earning potential:

How To Make a $100k Salary with only a short studying period? These IT certification courses are for you! 1

Google certified cloud architects:

A Google certified cloud architect is a position that regularly receives over $140,000 per year. Cloud skills have become a critical part of IT infrastructure for nearly any type of organization. The process of certification requires the coming an architect that understands the basic solutions in any type of cloud-based scenario. The certification culminates with an in person exam that tests applicants in the fundamental aspects of cloud architecture.

Project management professional:

PMP certifications start with an online education degree. These types of IT professionals work with project management experience and they can receive hands-on related training in the workplace. The goal of project managers is to work with customers and employers to make sure that a path can be properly defined between any type of software development project as well as the development team. PMP credentials are perfect for individuals that are interested in getting promoted to a management team and taking on new organizational initiatives within their company. Professionals in this aspect of the IT field regularly command salaries over $130,000. This could be the online business management degree certification that will help you to become a far better professional in your field.

How To Make a $100k Salary with only a short studying period? These IT certification courses are for you! 2

AWS certified solutions architect:

A vast number of businesses today work on AWS systems. AWS solutions architects regularly receive salaries above $130,000 each year. Although this is an online certification exam, most would recommend that AWS certified solutions architects are able to receive some form of on-the-job training. In order to receive the certification, AWS environment officials will need to perform some hands-on examination for their certification to be awarded. Solutions architects essentially worked at selecting appropriate AWS services for any situation within a client. They work within quoting AWS costs, managing data in AWS environment controls as well as identifying cost control measures for business.

AWS certified developer:

This type of certification is equally as important as an education degree online. AWS certified developers are some of the most in-demand professionals online today. As well as having advanced knowledge of the cloud, these professionals often consult the best online schools for Internet of things learning. AWS certified developers have a certification that helps organizations rapidly scale with developing cloud-based applications. The footprint of these companies remains extremely competitive and there is an explosive level of growth within this certification path. Many of the resources that are utilized in the cloud require professionals to develop them. With the mobile development and web application development that is occurring on AWS, this certification is providing individuals with a full path to limitless job opportunities. As well as commanding over $130,000 in salary on average, the coding security and access to AWS services that this certification brings ensures plenty of room to grow in cloud development.

Microsoft certified solutions expert for server infrastructure:

Although this certification has changed its name to the MCS see cloud platform and infrastructure certification, this technology-based certification includes training in four different roles. Completing the certification grants a focus in Azure administration, development tasks, solutions architect and core infrastructure MSCE. Almost every type of server infrastructure can be managed under this type of certification. Upon certification infrastructure in this certification is forging new paths within Azure and granting the ability for some of the most sought after roles in the IT industry. MCSE core infrastructure developed a new role for cloud-based administrators and for developers in the future. The salary outlook for this position generally exceeds $120,000 and it could be the perfect opportunity for anyone in a data infrastructure role.

ITIL Foundation:

ITIL is one of the most popular frameworks that’s used in IT management throughout the world. As one of the finest services for aligning IT and organization in a company, this certification is extremely in demand. ITIL certifications changed regularly and having a new certification can make sure that a company has access to the framework they need for maintaining their IT lifecycle. These professionals regularly earn over $120,000 and many online courses that provide the certification insure that there is a passing grade or you can receive your tuition fee back. This makes the ITIL foundation training a free online course.

Information security manager CISM:

Cyber security online courses are growing this year as well. The demand for certified cyber security experts is at an all-time high. When receiving your education degree online, there are a number of reasons to consider information security manager as your choice. With the number of cloud based projects online increasing, you can have access to a wealth of learning here that could help you secure a salary in excess of $118,000. The only small caveat to becoming an information security manager is that most certifications require at least 10 years of experience in the IT industry.
If you would like to learn more about some of the top certifications you could be taking online college classes, be sure to check out some of these top IT certifications to start. IOT online courses could help you raise your earning potential to a 100 K salary after studying in just a short period of time.


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