Leaked Images: See which celebs have been hacked

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While the internet makes it easy to share photos and communicate with others, celebrities also use their phones to openly share pictures with fans. They often times have their private phones for families and friends. Due to breaches in cyber security hackers have been able to get into their devices and steal their private pictures. Cyber security laws are now making it illegal to hack into photos and private accounts. Celebrities are going out of their way in order to protect themselves from cyber attacks but that is not stopping hackers from getting their pictures.

These are some celebrities that have been victims of cyber attacks:

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer had her phone hacked and her naked photos were no longer private. The pictures were meant for her significant other, but unfortunately, a hacker was able to get these nudes. Jennifer was able to fight back. In fact, she is one of the leading celebrities supporting new cyber security protection for private devices and privacy.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss had some pictures that were meant for family and some pictures of the model that appeared to be intoxicated on a Facebook account. A hacker broke into the account and stole those unflattering pictures.

Miley Cyrus

The hacker that got into Miley’s private pictures had stolen photos that were more provocative than the ones that she shares with the public. The hacker that got into her pictures is in a lot of trouble. Due to cyber security protections and private violations he was raided by the FBI. He was caught bragging online about how he hacked into her account to steal her pictures.


Lady Gaga

Two hackers from Germany hacked Lady Gaga’s computer and tried to steal songs that were not yet released. They also found intimate pictures of the singer. The hacker tried to blackmail the singer to keep these songs and pictures private. Even Germany has cyber security protections and the hackers are being prosecuted.


This singer was also the victim of the German hackers. They went into her account and also stole her songs and her private pictures. They tried to get money from her to return these items but ended up getting into trouble.

Christina Aguilera



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