Top 5 cloud storage services for your business

Top 5 cloud storage services for your business

Since the beginning, cloud services have become widely accepted and used across the globe. This is because it offers a variety of solutions for large, medium and small businesses – These solutions can go from cloud computing security companies to cloud data analysis and machine learning.

While most businesses are not really in urgent need of machine learning, taking advantage of the cloud-based technology will surely help you boost your business and productivity. Reducing costs and making collaboration easier.

On top of that, cloud storage is considered as one of the cybersecurity solutions for small businesses. It is one of the most secure ways of storing your data without having to worry about hardware failure.

Naturally, compared to larger companies, small businesses have different needs and goals that need to be met. With so many options available it can sometimes be confusing. Even small businesses are different from one another, but there are key differences that can help you choose an option that better suits your needs.

In no particular order, here are some of the best cloud backup solutions for small business:

Top 5 cloud storage services for your business 1

Backblaze B2

Backblaze was established in 2007 and it is one of the best available choices for online cloud backup solutions. It allows you to store data in the cloud at a fraction of what other services charge per GB. Its two main services are Backblaze Backup & Backblaze B2.

Backblaze Backup is a solution of great value for business owners. Rather than sharing files and storing pictures, this one is focused on protecting your computer’s information. For $60 a year you get real-time and unlimited backup storage of your computer. If something happens to your hard drive while you’re working, you can rest assured that the information is not lost.

Although both are a cloud-based service there are some differences. Backblaze B2 is a Cloud Storage service, you can upload thousands of files that you can then share or access from anywhere. It is a no brainer if you have gigabytes or terabytes of data to store.

Offering a rock-solid experience and an easy to navigate user interface, Backblaze allows you to store your data in a secure environment and at a really good price – And as a nice extra, you are able to track your computer if it’s lost.

Definitely one of the best cloud backup services for small businesses.

Top 5 cloud storage services for your business 2

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

On March 14, 2006, Amazon Web Services was officially re-launched to combine the initial offerings of Amazon:

  • S3 Cloud Storage
  • SQS
  • EC2.

With AWS you get plenty of business solutions that give you access to the same infrastructure that Amazon uses. However, it might be best suited for developers.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is powerful enough to allow small businesses to create and manage their own content. It allows marketing teams to safely share and access the content without sacrificing manageability and storage customization.

AWS S3 takes advantage of scalability to reduce costs and provides a pretty solid backup and recovery support. You also get the benefit of “Custom Pricing” – Which means that the more storage you use the less it will cost you. For many small businesses, S3 is the most suitable package.

The only drawback with AWS is that is targeted for developers, software engineers, and content marketing, so if your small company is not in the technical business, this might not be for you.

Top 5 cloud storage services for your business 3

Google Cloud

Google does offer a lot of cloud services and solutions that you can take advantage of. Some of them might not be suitable for small businesses. Here are some of the most common services they offer:

  • Google Drive
  • G-Suite
  • Google Datalab
  • Google Cloud Composer
  • And the most recent; Google Anthos

One of the biggest remarks here? Google Drive cost is $0. This basic version offers you a decent amount of storage space. Enough for most personal users, and even for some businesses. You can store your files and access them from anywhere.

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