WoW: Fastest Electric Car in The World Revealed!

New Tesla Roadster

Top Speed: 200+ mph

Horsepower: 1973 horses

Price: $3.1 million

WoW: Fastest Electric Car in The World Revealed! 1

  1. Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid is considered the fastest electric four-door sedan you can purchase on the market today. It has 348 miles of range, thanks to its 99 kWh battery pack. It has room for everything from front and rear trunks to fold-flat seats where you can store your bike without taking the wheel off. There is also space for your luggage.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is designed for efficiency. It has a drag coefficient of .208 Cd, the lowest on Earth. The electric car is made for endurance, speed, and range. The model also has a broader chassis and enhanced aerodynamics for the best performance. With this, you can also have more confidence while using the electric car.

If you have high standards for your electric car needs, Tesla Model S Plaid will not fail you. The car has the most aerodynamic car production in the industry. It also has a refined styling that will suit your taste and standards. The car comes with an iconic silhouette with elegant and refreshed proportions. It maintains 1000+ horsepower to 200 mph with Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive, featuring 3 independent carbon-sleeved rotors and torque vectoring.

0-60: 1.99 seconds

Top Speed: 200 mph

Horsepower: 1020 horses

Price: $129, 900

WoW: Fastest Electric Car in The World Revealed! 2

  1. Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance

Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance is loaded with innovative features, including the exclusive assistance system from Lucid, Dream Drive driver, Glass Canopy roof, and 21-speaker Surreal Sound system.

The electric car also comes with a special badge that offers a subtle hint of an excellent combination of range, performance, and comfort capabilities. The beautiful 21-inch Aero Dream wheels are made from forged alloy with an ultra-dynamic, bold design.

Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance is available in 4 exterior colors, including Infinite Black, Stellar White, Eureka Gold, and Zenith Red. All exteriors of the model were trimmed with bright platinum theme accents. With this, you can choose the color that suits your taste and personality.

The model also features excellent indoors. The interior palette known as Santa Monica has a soothing tone with Nappa full-grain leather in Ceramic and Graphite Gray with classy Alcantara inserts, supplemented by Silvered Eucalyptus wood and bright Platinum metal trim.

0-60: 2.5 seconds

Top Speed: 168 mph

Horsepower: 1111 horses

Price: $169,000


There we go, so that is the list of the fastest electric cars you can choose from on the market today. Get the best one that suits your needs, budget, and standards.



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