12 Celebrities you Didn’t Know have an Online MBA or Online Bachelor’s Degree

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She subsequently earned a Master’s degree program of Fine Arts from Yale Drama School.

It seems that the drama degree came in handy, as she has earned more nominations for the Academy Award and Golden Globe than any other star in either award history (among many other award achievements).

Ina Garten

This Food Network star dabbles or has dabbled in a bit of it all, she’s a cookbook author, TV show host, columnist magazine, and White House former nuclear policy analyst.

“Hi-hi” is her show, whereas her another show “Barefoot Contessa” was nominated six times, and won two awards.

Garten received her online MBA degree from the University of George Washington by an online education degree and continued her dream job as a famous show host.


Thus, A degree is worth the investment, but you have to select those universities that have a good educational standard, and that fit your needs or you can also get your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from online education, it’s all up to you. Celebrities grace our daily TV and film screens. But the career of every movie and television star didn’t begin with acting. It may be encouraging for our aspiring students who are struggling for their career to hear that the skills they learn in their professional life conservatory translate well into a slew of professions including life in the limelight.

Whether they were studying for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, you might be surprised to learn that these celebrities were on an amazing track… just as you are!


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