5G is scary! All you need to know about 5G Network Risks

5G is scary! All you need to know about 5G Network Risks

Every significant shift comes with pros and cons. Some changes come with more negative effects than good ones. Is 5G Network the case? Is it worth it or are the disadvantages too high to deal with it?

Let’s Start From The Very Beginning

We can not start talking about 5G without looking at the background. Let’s face it. Not everybody understands how all this started. However, unless you don’t own a cell phone you have probably heard about 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G before.

In simple words, G stands for Generation, and each new generation represents a significant step in providing high-quality wireless communication and straightforward experience for users through an improvement in the speed of their internet service.

First Generation (1G)

This was the very first generation of cellphone technology. It initiated in the late ’80s, and it only covered analog technology, meaning that the service only included mobile telephony with non-flexible hardware, which made the phone calls experience drops. The maximum speed of first-generation was 2.4 Kbps.

Second Generation (2G)

While first-generation only worked for mobile telephony, 2G made cell phones gained their very first upgrade through digital networks. Allowing phone calls and short messaging. The maximum speed of the second generation mobile system was an average of 50 Kbps.

Third Generation (3G)

The third-generation mobile system was introduced in 2001, and what made it stand out from the rest was the integrated quality audio, video, and data that allowed mobile devices to perform simultaneous calls within the same frequency range. The maximum speed of this generation was 21Mbps.

Fourth Generation (4G)

When 4G was introduced to the commercial market, one of the biggest differences from the last generation was the enhancement in offering high speed, high quality, and capacity to users. It also came with an improvement in security and lower cost of services such as voice, data, multimedia, and internet. The speed of this mobile system depends on the “status” of the device, meaning that if it’s moving is 100 Mbps and when the device is stationary or even walking slowly is 1Gbps.

Even though every new generation seems to have helped humans to discover new technology, grow the economy, and connect people – the researchers have found these advances have caused painful effects not only on the environment but on the health of human beings.

So one thing remains true: Every good thing comes with a price.

But… What Is 5G Network?

The moment to find out 5G meaning has come. 5G is the Fifth Generation of Wireless network technology that includes significantly faster data rates, in comparison to the previous generations. It also pretends to improve wireless coverage, ultra-low latency, massive capacity, and interconnect not only people but control machines, devices, and other kinds of objects.

A Few Pros Do Not Worth The Risk

One of the main features of the fifth generation is the fact that it is over 35 times faster than 4G. May sound great, but how dangerous is this? What makes it possible? Is 5G bad for you? These are concerns that many people have and do not get why the few pros that fifth-generation brings do not worth the risk.

Here is a quick way to understand it easily:

There are existing 5G Phones already and even cities with 5G services available. In that list of cities that have been gradually incrementing, light poles work as nodes that make possible the coverage for these devices.

Since anyone with a 5G device can start using it, tests have been done since the system was introduced to the market. One of these tests was connecting a 5G smartphone just by standing next to the light pole that was the main node in the block, providing the service. Everything ran well in the smartphone with the 5G signals.

However, when the person started walking away from the “source,” the speed began to slow down. Meaning that in order to comply with the promise of maximizing coverage and speed, the more nodes are available, the more coverage 5G provides.

In conclusion, this 5G technology comes with high exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) that turns into health issues.

The Dark Side of 5G Networks

Now that you are aware of the existence of 5G Radiation, you will understand why there is some resistance to deploying the technology because of health concerns. 5G dangers are real, and the nightmare behind technological advances has already started. There is real evidence regarding health effects caused by exposure to radiofrequency energy.

Some of the researches that claimed a health risk from exposure to frequencies from 700 MHz to 2700 MHz (which is the frequency used by mobile phones and wifi devices) have been performed by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

How exactly does this radiofrequency impact our health? Scientific evidence suggests that exposure to radiofrequency energy may be involved in the acquisition of illnesses such as cancer, brain tumor, heart diseases, and even Parkinson’s diseases. If you think about it, that explains why cancer cases are growing so fast and affecting many kids and young people who are the most exposed to technology nowadays.

In fact, these studies recommend keeping cell phones away from your head whenever possible or even make sure to use hands-free elements such as microphones to avoid exposure. Following these few recommendations may decrease the chances of getting any of these diseases.

So next time you might want to think twice when someone asks “Is 5G dangerous?”

Is There A Conspiracy Behind 5G Networks?

Whenever there is a new technology in the market, people tend to come up with conspiracy theories, and 5G networks are no exception. A few theories claim that some signals coming from every new generation network contain subliminal messages that can persuade how we think, and sometimes, how we act.

Despite all of the noise that surrounds this revolutionary technology, there is no actual evidence that there is a 5G conspiracy going on. However, one thing is sure, the human mind seems to know no limits, and sometimes why to try to control things that we won’t ever be able to.

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