Is Your Autonomous Vehicle is Safe From Hackers?

Is Your Autonomous Vehicle is Safe From Hackers

But hackers again can play a reverse card on us and use the Internet of Things to crack open the encryption, before any security measures have been set in place. Cyber criminals can also leverage the production line and supply chain weaknesses to access self-driving cars even before they are ready for the market. This is a very critical stage and hence companies like Tesla and Volvo have to be careful.

Is Your Autonomous Vehicle is Safe From Hackers? 1

How To Prevent This Cyber Crime From Happening?

Prevention is better than cure, is a statement we have come across countless times. In this case, that phrase is even more true. If a cybercriminal were to hack even 10 cars in the city, there would be chaos in seconds, and major roads will end up getting blocked. This will further prevent emergency vehicles from passing through.
According to Skanda Vivek, a postdoctoral researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, cars should use multiple networks instead of a singular network. During a cyber attack, this can prevent multiple autonomous vehicles from getting hacked and abused at the same time.

He further adds that, if only 5% of the connected vehicles were compartmentalized to a singular network then, the chances of a major city-wide fragmentation can below.

So, the hacker will have to constantly hack every 5% of the self-driving cars available. This task will become almost impossible for the hacker and hence will decrease the chances of any hacker even thinking about hacking vehicles.


Any new technology that is introduced to the market is impenetrable until someone actually does it. Just like previous successes and failures in tech, every new generation of evolved machines and vehicles come with their own vulnerabilities and strengths as well. Self-driving cars are said to reduce driving accidents by 40%.

Since no one has really tried hacking the autonomous vehicles on a larger scale yet, it is safe to assume that cybersecurity threats are unknown and are not studied. But we should not underestimate them either.

As a matter of fact, the fear of getting hacked, is pushing developers towards a deeper understanding of this technology, which someday might give us a threat-free autonomous car.

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