10 Most Common Online Degrees

10 Most Common Online Degrees

If you are seeking an upgrade to your education this year, you may be wondering more about the top degrees you can get online. If you have chosen to get a degree online there are a number of excellent programs that you can choose from. Whether you’re seeking an online doctoral program, an online business degree or a chance that an online engineering degree- there are many popular ways to upgrade your education. Here are some of the best online degrees to get based off of popularity:

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1. Business administration:

Business administration ranks amongst our best online degree programs. As one of the most popular online degrees according to U.S. News & World Report, students enrolled in this program are often interested in learning the principles of business and management. Receiving a degree in business administration can often command a high salary and you can set students up for a number of different career paths whether they’re hoping to be a manager, working communication or simply secure a job at a local company.

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2. Criminal justice:

A criminal justice degree also ranks highly amongst online degrees. This program combines a series of academic disciplines including science, law, psychology, and sociology. Criminal justice is a program that offers a number of career paths to graduates including working forensics, probation and more. The new demand for this program comes with an influx of cyber crime. Many individuals completing criminal justice have already completed computer-based skills programs and are hoping to upgrade for a more versatile career path.

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3. Psychology:

Psychology offers one of the most versatile degree programs that you can receive. Whether you’re taking psychology online or at a physical institution, it ranks amongst one of the best degree programs to receive for the sheer number of job opportunities it can provide. With focuses on human development, personality theory, learning, emotion, interpersonal relationships, and behavior, this degree program can lend assistance in a variety of human services and business backgrounds.

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4. Education:

Online education degrees are amongst some of the most desirable online degrees currently. A bachelor’s degree in education provides individuals with background learning that they need to motivate and engage with students. This could be the basis of a rewarding career in teaching, classroom assistants and more. Graduates hoping to teach will likely have to go on and earn a teaching license for their area. Bachelors of education can provide students with the basics that they need to be a heavily qualified tutor, TA or to go on and receive their full credentials as a teacher.

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5. Nursing:

Nurses are considered to be one of the most popular occupations in the entire world. This online degree requires a variety of sciences and support for humanity’s in sociology and psychology. Individuals graduating from this program will develop proper skills in treating and caring for patients across the medical system. With new medical technology being introduced regularly and interesting data management techniques that are used in medicine today, many nurses are going back to school and the demand for new nurses in the job market is greater than ever before. An online nursing degree can rank highly amongst degrees you can get online as far as job outlook goes.

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6. Engineering:

An online engineering degree is amongst some of the highest commanding salaries from online degree programs. Most starting salaries for engineers in the US begin at $98,000 per year. Getting an engineering degree and becoming a high earner is often the motivation for engineers to start in these programs. Engineering is definitely one of the best online degree programs for return on investment and it provides a chance for students to work in a series of broad fields. With the option to specialize in mechanical engineering, science, math, technology, computers and more engineers can have a wealth of challenges and a number of job prospects upon completion of their program. Engineering degrees can be a wonderful choice amongst the best online degree programs.

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7. Healthcare administration:

The healthcare field has a number of job openings available apart from doctoral degree program graduates. Healthcare administration is a field that is growing rapidly thanks to new technology in medicine and regulations regarding health care. With the rapid growth in this market, online bachelor degree programs for healthcare administration are extremely in demand. Graduates from this program can work in a variety of medical field positions including administration in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices and more. Healthcare administration provides graduates with the tools they need to create appropriate schedules, coordinate care, read medical documents, manage finances and more.

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8. Computer science:

Computer science degrees offer some of the best salaries that of any online degree program. Computer science has become one of the best online degrees because many graduates are able to command salaries above $60,000 upon graduation. With the demand for new technology in cloud computing, cybersecurity and a number of other development tasks, computer science has extremely low rates of unemployment and many different career paths. Businesses are regularly seeking individuals that hold computer science degrees for their project managers, programmers, designers, and developers. Graduates of this program will have advanced knowledge of new technology, coding language, software code, networking, database management and more. This career path has an excellent outlook for long-term growth.

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9. Accounting:

There will always be a need for accountants in a wide range of industries. Taking online degrees in accounting can lead to a career path that is financially rewarding. Graduates with accountant’s degrees will be able to analyze a wide range of financial data and learn highly valuable skills with business, finance, and analysis. Accountants can find careers in the public and private sector and there is a constant demand for private accountants and consulting as well as accountants for government work and nonprofits.

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10. Human services:

The human services degree has become another highly popularized online program. When many people choose to get a degree online it’s with the goal of affecting change for the good of our world. Human services is a program that teaches graduates the basics of human services administration, social work, social policy, community advocacy and more. This program offers a wide range of career paths and curriculum provides a deep understanding of management, research, theory, policy, ethics and more. Employment and human services are at an all-time high and there for a number of positions available in this field to manage treatment programs, outreach, drug addiction and more.


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