10 Youtubers Who Make Over $1Million A Month

10 Youtubers Who Make Over $1Million A Month

10 Youtubers Who Make Over $1Million A Month 1


The Minecraft player has been continuously uploading videos to YouTube for over a decade now, making this a new entry. Last year, Spotter bought the rights to his back catalog, netting him $28.5 million (around £20 million).

10 Youtubers Who Make Over $1Million A Month 2


Preston Arsement

Preston Arsement, better known as “PrestonPlayz,” is a YouTube content creator from Omaha, Nebraska. His channel, established in 2009, has over 3.46 million subscribers. Preston has been featured on popular entertainment, news, and gaming websites, including The Verge, Mashable, and Gizmodo. Well known for playing Minecraft and League of Legends, Preston collaborates with other YouTubers to create interactive content, including his popular series “Minecraft Mondays” and “League of Legends Mondays.”

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Logan Paul

Logan Paul isn’t just a YouTuber. He’s a legitimate star. In 2018, he earned six MTV Video Music Awards nominations and over 170 million views on his popular channel. And he’s only 23 years old! Logan’s videos have earned accolades from viewers and industry peers, including his Vine series that made him a 2015 Shorty Award in the “Gaming and Gaming Culture” category. He’s even earned some haters along the way, but it’s safe to say that Logan Paul is here to stay.

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Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is one of the most well-known family entertainment YouTube channels. They create videos featuring hilarious comedy routines, amazing athletic tricks, and incredible stunts.

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Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji is a YouTuber with millions of followers, and he’s one of the most popular vloggers in the business. He’s known for being both entertaining and informative, and he’s one of the YouTubers to watch.

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