12 Top Paid Jobs in 2020

12 Top Paid Jobs in 2020

When you think about top paid jobs, the image of a Surgeon or a Lawyer might cross your mind.

Yes, surgeons are amongst the top paid professionals, but that doesn’t make it the only high paying job. In fact, in many cases a bachelor’s degree will suffice. And sometimes, you could land on a high paying job without a degree.

So if you’re considering the idea of applying for colleges and going after some MBA degree programs, take a look at all your options.

Should you even bother to get a degree?

Maybe the answer is yes. Maybe not. Whether you should or shouldn’t get a degree entirely depends on you. While there are some jobs that pay above the average and don’t require a degree there are also many degrees worth investing in.

More so, with the increasing availability of online education degrees it’s easier than ever to get one. And you might be surprised by the impressive amount of degrees available for different sectors.




Software development

Healthcare Services


Sports management


Plenty, right? Wait until you see the list.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when speaking of “Top Paid Jobs” and average wage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ publishes estimates for job growth across hundreds of occupations. If a top paid job is decreasing in demand, it wouldn’t serve the purpose of this article.

First, let’s see some facts

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the annual median personal income in October 2019, the real per-capita disposable income was $45,646.

The jobs that are expected to have more growth in the next 5 years are those related to the health industry; Nurse practitioners, home aid health, therapists, etc… These jobs are expected to grow up to 30% by 2024

Here are some of the top paid jobs in 2020:

Anesthesiologists And Surgeons

Anesthesiologists and Surgeons

Median Salary:$208,000

Almost any job in the Healthcare industry for that matter. Surgeons and anesthesiologists work together, because unlike 174 years ago, no surgery is performed without anesthesia. And no anesthesia is administered without an anesthesiologist. Both are highly rewarding and highly paying jobs, but might not be recommended if you can’t handle stress and are not willing to study for so many years.

Of course, both jobs require a Medical Degree



Median salary:$144,230

As a part of the social services industry, lawyers work in many settings. From hospitals and law firms, to private companies or even as a consultant. Lawyers who work in firms tend to earn more than the ones who own private practices.

Besides a Doctorate degree, lawyers also require a license to practice in a certain area.

IT Manager

IT Manager

Median Salary:$152,860


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