12 Top Paid Jobs in 2020

12 Top Paid Jobs in 2020

The job of a marketing manager is to help a company by increasing the awareness. They achieve this by monitoring market trends, developing pricing and targeting strategies, and creating advertising campaigns. Besides a degree the required knowledge includes market analysis and promotional strategy, communications and product management.

Of course, for jobs of this nature an MBA degree is always helpful.

Sales Manager

Sales manager

Median salary: $124,220 per year

This one usually requires a bachelor’s degree in any business related area but the skills you are able to develop are more important. As a sales manager, you must be able to negotiate, manage a team and have excellent communication skills.

Business Operations Manager

Business operations manager

Median salary: $123,880 per year

Business operation managers are a C-level executive, also known as Chief Of Operations (COO). As a business operation manager you would be in charge of maintaining the daily operations of the company to maximize profit. Develop strategies to improve the way a company works. A bachelor’s degree in business or related fields is usually a minimum requirement for this job, while MBA degrees are definitely a big plus.

Software Developers

Software developers

Median Salary: $103,620

According to the U.S Census Bureau the projected new positions between 2016 and 2026 are 47,100. The job includes research and implementation, testing and evaluation and determining operational practicality of software programs. Degrees in computer science and software engineering as well as related qualities are a requirement for this job.

App Developers

App Developers

Median Salary: $107,000

An app developer will create and implement the source code of applications in order to deliver solutions for its customers or company. This also includes the creation of technical guides to teach users how to use the app. Bachelor’s Degree in computer sciences, knowledge in programming principles and mathematical skills are part of this job requirement.

Computer And Information Systems Managers

Computer and information systems managers

Median Salary: $142,530

For this job a Bachelor’s degree is typically required. Also, at least some basic understanding of basic business is required. As with many computer and programming related mathematics and software development are a big plus. Before attaining the manager position it can take some years of experience in the area.

CyberSecurity Analyst

CyberSecurity Analyst

Median Salary: $ 98,900

Every company out there has the need for protecting its data. This is especially true in certain industries like healthcare and banking, in which sensitive information is stored. That is exactly what a cybersecurity analyst does – Identify potential security risks and make sure everything is in optimal conditions to prevent an attack. MBA degree in information systems, ethical hacking and experience in information security are some of the requirements.

Many of the degrees you require for these jobs can be obtained online

So if you are looking for some grants for a Master’s degree you might want to take a look at online options first, as these usually cost less. And while it is recommended that you do some research before paying for online classes you can also find that there are a lot of accredited schools that potential employers will take seriously.

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