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Compared to a few years ago, the idea of owning a self driving car is not so far from reality anymore. Self driving cars are not so hard to find anymore, and it’s technology is becoming more and more common every time. However, in spite of all the technological breakthroughs, there is still not a fully autonomous car – One that does not require any attention from the driver.
Every major automobile brand wants to win the self-driving car’s race. The competition is tough. Many companies have been created in the search for this goal, and many others have been left behind.

There are 5 levels of autonomy according to the Society of Automotive Engineers. It may surprise you to know that you might already be driving a car with some level of “autonomy”.

  • Level 0 – The oldies. Those cars that do not feature any self driving tech at all. It includes, however, technology like parking sensors.
  • Level 1 – Cars that have at least 1 system to assist you. Whether steering, accelerating or braking. But, if the car has more than one system, they don’t communicate with each other.
  • Level 2 – They offer multiple systems like acceleration and steering assistance that doesn’t require much attention from you. Although the automated system can control, acceleration, brakes and steering it is mandatory to still be prepared for intervention.
  • Level 3 – In the “Eyes off” level the vehicle takes control and will handle situations that require an immediate response. Since this is still not a fully autonomous level, you’ll still need to be prepared for intervention should the situation requires it.
  • Level 4 – The same as in Level 3 but with more automation. You can go to sleep in the back seat and the car is able to handle the rest for you. This is limited to certain areas or circumstances. Outside these areas, you would have to take control.
  • Level 5 – At this point, there is not much more to say. Do whatever you want, the car will handle all the driving for you. No need for attention or intervention of any kind.
    If your car has some features like rearview camera or steering assistance, you’re already enjoying some of the features that contribute to the creation of a self driving car.
    In the meantime, we still have to wait a while to see a fully autonomous car in action. Currently, Tesla is the major force in the vehicle autonomy industry, but even the impressive Tesla model 3 full self driving falls somewhere between Level 2 and Level 3.Some technologies are still a concept while others are being developed. Taking the 5G autonomous driving, for example, which will be able to dramatically increase vehicles ability to drive for themselves through a technology called C-V2X. A technology developed by Ford that promises cars to able to communicate with each other.

2020 Tesla Model 3

2020 Tesla model 3 Performance full self driving

Price w/ all Features: $52,690


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