Leaked Images: See which celebs have been hacked

Scarlett Johansson Photo


Vanessa Hudgens

She was one of the first famous people to contact law enforcement and ask about cyber security laws. She had some nude pictures in her private Gmail account and someone hacked in and stole them. She was not happy about these pictures being leaked as they were meant for private use only.

Scarlett Johannsson

This singer had an entire FBI investigation to hunt down the person that was hacking into her system and taking her new pictures. These pictures even made their way onto the web and fans got to see her without clothing. Twitter was filled with links to these pictures. Scarlett took these pictures for her husband and they were meant for his eyes only. These pictures were on her iPhone and she was going to send them to him. The man that hacked into her phone and leaked these pictures is now facing time in jail.

Mila Kunis

This celebrity is known for her having a clean image. Her email account was hacked into and some pictures were stolen. Two of these pictures were of Justin Timberlake in a compromising position. Other pictures show Mila getting intimate with an unidentified man that is making their way around the internet. Mila’s phone was also hacked and some intimate texts between herself and Timberlake were also released to the public.

Heather Morris

This TV star was the victim of hackers that leaked her nude pictures on the web. The hackers got these pictures when they illegally accessed her cell phone.She could have used something to help protect from cyber attack.

Carly Rae Jepsen

The singer has some naked pictures on her personal computer that were meant for private use and they were made public when a hacker got into the computer and sold them. Carly did not know that her pictures were stolen until someone came forward with an anonymous tip.


Paris Hilton

Paris is not a stranger to internet hacking. Her sex tape was allegedly stolen and released to the public. This was not the only time she was hacked. Someone got into her phone and some personal pictures she had on there were made public on the internet.

Ashley Greene

Hackers were able to get into the star’s phone and found nude pictures that they made public on the internet. In addition, they also released her phone number online.

Jude Law

One of the few men that have been victims of the hackers. Jude had his phone hacked into. Hackers shared information about his private relationships. This information was personal and he did not want this information shared with others. Cyber security protection is essential for this reason.


Jessica Alba

This actress had nude pictures on her phone while she was pregnant. Someone hacked into her phone and took these pictures.


The singer had some private pictures stored in her icloud account. They did not stay private for long. These pictures were stolen and released online. She needs a cybersecurity protection system to help with this issue.

These are some of the celebrities that were victims and need system protection from cyber attacks. Authorities are now taking measures to help protect from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity and cyber security protection system are there to make sure private pictures and moments stay private for regular people and celebrities.


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