The top paid jobs in 2024 (What to learn today to get $200K per year in 2024)?

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Every one of us has dreamed of getting a job that gives a six-figure income. Capitalism has blanketed this world with a sense of worth and fear at the same time – the person with the most money is powerful compared to the person with no money.

Though a debatable topic, earning a salary of six figures is more of an accomplishment than anything else. A certain type of discipline and personality is required to reach that type of excellence.

The first step to achieve any of this would be to enroll in a school that specializes in one field of study or stream. Technology is a booming sector these days, along with finance, marketing, and medicine.

Higher and formal education is a compulsion to land a well-paying job in this time and age. Specialization of a degree has become a critical factor to get any professional job.

With a six-figure paying job, come six-figure responsibilities as well. Any employee with that kind of paycheck has to either be a maestro at his/her field. It’s because of the tough and life draining duties and responsibilities, these people are getting paid the big checks.

At the end of the day, it is about how much more revenue did you make for yourself or the company or how many lives did you save. Most of these successful employees work on making themselves and their jobs easier.

Here, we have enlisted the highest paying professions in the next four years to come. Though belonging to extreme disciplines, worst-case scenario, these courses can land you a decent job with an average salary.

Top Paying Jobs

1. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologist in the ER

An Anesthesiologist is one of the most paying jobs in the 21st century yet (of course, a surgeon gets paid equally high). The top 30% earn about $230,000 to $300,000 today, and this number is going to reach a higher number in the next four years, till about $350,000. As high as their paychecks are, their jobs are equally risky.

This is indeed a medical field and requires four years of medical school, then another four years for undergraduate level school, and the next four years for a medical school, and then another year for a fellowship and training. An anesthesiologist has to be very careful at their jobs and their responsibilities are equally daunting. Next to them, Surgeons and Doctors earn the most, but since this field is a very niche field with specific degrees with years of practice, sadly there is no online course that can set you on this track.

2. Chief Executive Officer

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This title is by far the most popular amongst people today. A Chief Executive Officer earns up to $180,000 to $200,000. Depending on the size of the company and organization the CEO has to run, he/she gets paid accordingly. The CEO has plenty of stressful and important duties. He/she has to make sure all the operations are running smoothly, all the departments are delivering on time and that the company is prepared for the least possible risk.


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