The top paid jobs in 2024 (What to learn today to get $200K per year in 2024)?

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2. Chief Executive Officer

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This title is by far the most popular amongst people today. A Chief Executive Officer earns up to $180,000 to $200,000. Depending on the size of the company and organization the CEO has to run, he/she gets paid accordingly. The CEO has plenty of stressful and important duties. He/she has to make sure all the operations are running smoothly, all the departments are delivering on time and that the company is prepared for the least possible risk.

An MBA course with years of experience can land you the position of a CEO, but many CEOs in today’s world never really took such courses and are still doing really well. There are plenty of ways where you can get started with an MBA course. Enrolling in a good college is the first step, but accredited online MBA courses are giving promising results.

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